Some very disturbing information was brought to my attention today. Apparently there is a blogger or bloggers that is participating in a piracy site. As new bloggers this is extremely disheartening. We are here to support authors and share our love of books with the world. We will not participate in or promote sites that participate in piracy. We will participate in legal giveaways. If you cannot afford a book there are many legal ways to read it. E-readers have lend/borrow options and then there are libraries, most of which have e-books now. Let bloggers know what books you are interested in, they can try to set up more giveaways for that author/book. Many authors donate these books at their expense but I have purchased a few out of pocket for our future giveaways. Remember when you illegally obtain an author's work you are stealing from them and you wouldn't want someone stealing from you.


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